JCI macau mid-autumn eDM design


JCI macau mid-autumn eDM design

the design date of the project 項目設計年份

  • 2011

client business 客户業務類別

  • organization 商會

client location 客户業務地區

  • Macau  澳門

the design items 項目設計內容

  • eDM design 電郵廣告設計

client background 客户背景

Junior Chamber is a people organization. People resort to violence when communication, understanding, patience, tolerance, reason and love cease to exist. Junior Chamber’s plan is to offer opportunities to the members that will reinforce these positive qualities.

The idea is to bring people together. Many opportunities are created when people with various social, cultural, ethnic, religious, economic, and national backgrounds meet. At national conventions, Area conferences and world congresses, members come face-to-face with one another to share experiences and exchange ideas which lead to better understanding and cooperation.

A bond of brotherhood and genuine friendship is established as Junior Chamber members seek the ways and means to improve themselves and the world in which they live.

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