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client background 客户背景

To provide residential Homes for babies and children 0 to 18 years old who have experienced the trauma of abandonment, abuse or neglect. Our Homes provide a safe, secure living environment where each child may heal and develop to become successful members of society.

Work with families and community networks to enable children, where possible, to be reunited with their families.

Raise awareness in the community of the importance of effective parenting. A good childhood is the platform which ensures the future stability of our society.

Provide accommodation and ongoing support for our young adults to pursue further education and employment training.

Liaise with the Government of China to work with the abandoned and neglected children of China.

  • 本院為 0到18歲被遺棄或曾受精神創傷,虐待的嬰孩或兒童提供家庭式的院舍服務。本院舍為孩子提供一個安全及妥善的環境中成長,希望他們未來能對社會作出貢獻。
  • 本院與各家庭及社區網絡緊密合作,努力使孩子能與親人團聚。
  • 致力提升社會各界對身為父母,應有責任及使命之重要性,一個美好的童年對我們社會未來穩定是一個很重要的平台。
  • 為青少年提供住宿及支援,好讓他們能夠持續進修及接受就業訓練。
  • 與中國政府緊密合作,為在中國國內被拋棄及被忽略的孩子而努力。

the design date of the project 項目設計年份

  • 2009

client business 客户業務類別

  • charity 慈善團體

client location 客户業務地區

  • Macau 澳門

the design items 項目設計內容

  • web site design 網站設計

design of the project 項目的設計

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