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Samuel-Kevin ( Baleno 班尼路旗下品牌) |

client background 客户背景

In 1996, Texwinca acquired the trademark “BALENO” and established the Baleno Holdings Limited as the holding company. Being a famous casual wear brand name in various Asian countries, Baleno was launched in the Mainland China and Hong Kong in 1996. Thanks to the clear-cut aims and market strategies of Baleno Holdings Limited, the Baleno chain has achieved significant expansion in regions like mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and the Middle East in a mere 13 years’ time. To give a rough idea, there are over 3700 chain-shops throughout the world.

班尼路發展相當迅速,業務由廣州、香港、北京、上海等大城市,伸延至台灣、武漢、長沙、黑龍江等地,新加坡及中東地區亦有班尼路的分公司及店舖。截至2008年12月份,公司於國內及國外共有自營店及其它經營類型店舖超過3700間,店舖分佈於中國大陸、新加坡、約旦、沙地阿拉伯及伊朗等地。而公司的員工人數方面,人數逾10,000人 。可見公司在短短十三年已發展得相當迅速而蓬勃。


the design date of the project 項目設計年份

  • 2008

client business 客户業務類別

  • fashion 時裝

client location 客户業務地區

  • Hong Kong  香港
  • China 中國

the design items 項目設計內容

  • web design 網站設計
  • flash design flash設計

design of the project 項目的設計

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