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client background 客户背景

At HM Advertising Company Limited, they are committed to providing their clients with the most effective promotional tools possible to help them build their brands in today’s competitive market. Backed by a team of professionals and a well-established network, they provide comprehensive services and support while keeping their prices at a very reasonable level. Their media partners include leading television broadcasting companies, newspapers, magazines and various indoor and outdoor media in Hong Kong and southern China. You can rely on their experienced production teams to produce the advertising materials, all customized to meet your exact needs. With years of advertising and marketing experience coupled with long-term partnerships with various media, they are ready to help you promote the business in the most cost-effective way.

HM Advertising Company Limited為一間提供全面性廣告服務的製作策劃公司,多年來一直為香港及國內企業提供各類廣告服務,為他們創作製造新思維、新意念的廣告訴求,透過合 適的媒體,創新的宣傳推廣方法,讓品牌形象及其產品漸漸深入民心。面對廿一世紀日益競爭激烈的市場,適當的廣告投放、具創意的廣告策劃、靈巧顯心思的公關 宣傳推廣活動,才能突圍而出,穩佔市場的領導地位。HM 以其專業的服務精神,良好的後勤支援,廣闊的商業網絡,無窮的創意。

HM現有合作夥伴包括各大電視頻道﹑報章雜誌﹑及各戶內/外廣告平台﹐覆蓋全港及中國華南地區﹔並擁有經驗豐富的製作隊伍﹐度身訂造做作不同形式的推 廣項目﹐從廣告設計構思﹑影視拍攝到製作輸出﹐HM安排妥當。活動策劃方面﹐不論是市場推廣活動或展覽籌備,統籌整個流程,而且更會採取最適合的事前準備,包括事前宣傳及策劃工作。我們並擁有豐富展銷經驗,從場地佈置、設備、租用、宣傳人員招聘,都可以全面安排,從而發 揮最強展覽效用﹐發掘新商機。

the design date of the project 項目設計年份

  • 2008

client business 客户業務類別

  • advertising 廣告

client location 客户業務地區

  • Hong Kong 香港

the design items 項目設計內容

  • web site design 網站設計

design of the project 項目的設計

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