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Sanofi – Aventis ( World’s Third Largest Pharmaceutical Company ) |

the design date of the project 項目設計年份

  • 2007

client business 客户業務類別

  • Medical 藥物生產商

client background 客户背景

Sanofi-aventis can draw on a number of powerful assets to address the new context in the global pharmaceutical market: an extensive portfolio of prescription medicines, vaccines, consumer healthcare (OTC) products and generics, along with a balanced presence on both mature and emerging markets.

Sanofi-aventis addresses fundamental health issues and makes major therapeutic solutions available in its areas of expertise: thrombotic and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, central nervous system disorders, internal medicine and oncology.

Vaccines: Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines division of sanofi-aventis Group, provided more than 1.6 billion doses of vaccine in 2008, making it possible to immunize more than 500 million people across the globe. A world leader in the vaccine industry, sanofi pasteur offers the broadest range of vaccines protecting against 20 infectious diseases.

Health policies and practices vary from country to country, with different funding systems and retail channels, and wide or restricted access to medicines.
To accompany this transformation, sanofi-aventis has introduced a regionalization strategy. In many countries, sales forces have been reorganized into regional divisions and new functions have been created to interface effectively with institutions and administrations, as well as with patient associations.

client target location 客户業務目標地區

  • Hong Kong 香港

the design date of the items 項目設計內容

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